We reserve the right to refuse the sale of any merchandise including but not limited to firearms or ammunition.

To purchase a firearm, you must:

  • present a valid driver's license or state issued ID

    • pass the Va State Police background check.

  • be of legal age to purchase the firearm.

Forms of identification:

  • must contain correct / current physical home address.

  • cannot be expired.

  • will be photocopied and maintained with your documentation

Minimum age for purchases:


  • Long guns: 18 years of age

  • Handguns: 21 years of age

  • Pistol grip shotguns: 21 years of age

o Lower Receivers: 21 years of age​


  • Long gun ammunition: 18 years of age

  • Handgun ammunition: 21 years of age

Consignment/Used Firearms:

  • Used firearms may be purchased, traded, or taken on consignment at the discretion of the owner. We charge a 15% consignment fee (minimum charge: $50 per item).

  • All consignment items are sold "As Is", and are not returnable.

  • If you wish to take your item out of consignment, by law you must complete and pass a background check before you can do so. There will be a fee of $25 for each item you remove from consignment.

Transferring of Firearms:

  • Person to Person transfer: $17 per item

  • Person to non-Virginia Resident

    • We do not do person-to-person transfers to out-of-state residents

    • We do not ship guns

    • If you are a resident of certain states with restrictive gun laws, we will not do your transfer.


    • If buy online and a private individual sends us a transfer without our permission, you will be charged $25 for us to have the Va State Police ensure the item is not stolen. The transfer will not be completed until the VSP verification is complete. The fee will be the normal $17 plus the $25 for VSP verification.

  • Dealer to Dealer Transfer: $17 per item

  • Please check with us prior to purchasing a firearm from an out-of-state dealer. We may be able to obtain the firearm, saving you money, as you will not incur transfer and shipping/handling fees.

  • If you have a firearm transferred for us to handle your paperwork and then you fail to pick it up within a month, storage fees will apply after the firearm has been in our possession for 1 month. The storage fee will be $20 per month until the firearm paperwork is completed and the item taken into your possession. If the storage fee exceeds the value of the firearm, the firearm may be sold and any funds gathered during the sale will be utilized to cover the storage fee. If a gun is not picked up within 6 months of its arrival, the gun will be considered abandoned and will become property of Black Dog Sporting Goods. Once the item is considered abandoned, it will be sold as property of Black Dog Sporting Goods and all funds from the sale will belong to Black Dog Sporting Goods.

  • If a firearm has to be returned to the seller for any reason, the charge will be $50 plus shipping charges per item, to be paid prior to shipping.

If you have a firearm transferred to us and you are Denied:

  • When a firearm is transferred to our store, the buyer is responsible for payment of the transfer fee. If the transfer cannot be completed (because of a background check, etc), the buyer is still responsible to pay the transfer fee.

  • It is your responsibility to let us know how you would like to handle the firearm. Your options:

    • Our shop can send it back to where you purchased it from (return transfer fee and shipping fees will apply). YOU must contact the seller to discuss their return policy. You will have to pay Black Dog Sporting Goods a $50 return-transfer fee for each item to be returned in addition to shipping for each item. Shipping is $40 for a handgun and $60 for a long-gun.

    • Put it on consignment at our store. Consignment fee on denied sales is 30%. You shouldn't have ordered a gun online if you can't pass a background check.

    • Ask if we are interested in purchasing the firearm from you

  • We will not transfer the gun to a friend/relative, as that would be considered a straw purchase.

  • If you do not make arrangements within 6 months of the denial date, the firearm will be considered abandoned and will become property of Black Dog Sporting Goods. Once the item is considered abandoned, it will be sold as property of Black Dog Sporting Goods and all funds from the sale will belong to Black Dog Sporting Goods

  • If you do not agree with any of these policies, do not send a firearm to Black Dog Sporting Goods for a transfer.

Special Orders:

  • A deposit may be required when placing a special order for a firearm at the discretion of store management.

  • There are no refunds on special order deposits.


  • We DO NOT offer layaway


  • All sales are final.

Returned Check Fee:

  • A 10% fee will be incurred when a bank returns a check to us due to non-payment.

    • If the payment is not delivered to us in cash immediately, we will have no choice other than to allow law enforcement to handle the issue. If the check is over $500 they will charge the fraudulent customer with a Class II Felony. The State Police will also be involved and will seize the firearm and charge the fraudulent customer with theft of a firearm.