Firearms at a Fair Price !

Our stock changes daily, so be sure to stop in and see the latest items available.

We ARE currently accepting consignments for nice firearms.

Monday closed

Tuesday 10 - 6

Wednesday 10 - 6

Thursday 10 - 6

Friday 10 - 6

Saturday 9 - 2

Sunday closed

Saturday, July 2

Ammo: Rimfire: 22lr, 22lr suppressed, 22mag

9mm snake-shot

5.56 Bulk ammo

243, 270WSM, .308, 30-06, 350 Legend, 7mm Rem Mag

We have 6.5 Creedmoor !!!

Shotgun ammo: 12ga mini-shells, 12ga 4BK, 20ga

Handgun ammo: 30 super carry, 380, 41 Rem Mag, 40S&W, 44special, 45acp, 9mm, 10mm

AR ammo: 223, 556, 300 black-out

A few inventory highlights:

  • Springfield Hellcat 9mm

  • North American 22 magnum 5-shot mini-revolver

  • Taurus 856 38spl revolver

  • Glock 20, 10mm full size pistol

  • AR15's in stock!

  • Ruger Precision Rifle in 6.5 Creedmoor

  • Ruger Hawkeye Long Range Target 6.5 PRC with "Speckled Brown" stock

  • Sig Sauer P320 M17 (military edition) 9mm, 1 - 17 rd mag and 2 - 21 rd mags

  • Ruger LCP Max (.380 with 10 rd capacity)

  • Taurus G2C

  • Taurus G3C

  • Glock 43X

  • Glock 43X in Tiffany Blue

  • Mossberg 12ga "Scorpion" with Magpul desert tan furniture

  • Rossi Gallery 22lr pump rifle

  • Glock 19 US Flag model

  • Glock 43, 43X, 48, 19, 45, 17

  • KelTec KS7 12ga in green and another in black

  • 12gauge mini-shells!!!

  • Ruger LCP II Lite 22lr

  • Ruger 10/22 Go-Wild Camo

  • Ruger SR22

  • Ruger SR22 with threaded barrel

  • TriStar Cobra 12ga home defense shotgun

  • Crickett 22lr kids' gun with a wood stock

  • Charter Arms 38 special

  • Smith and Wesson revolver in 38sp

  • Sig P365, P365X, and P365XL

  • EZ Shield 9mm plus the EZ Shield 9mm Range Kit combo!

  • Cold Steel knives, CobraTec knives, Case knives, plus 1 Jessee James knife

  • plus many more great items

  • We do NOT post all of our inventory on here. There's a lot to be said for someone showing up in the gun shop to check out what we have on the shelves.

  • With current demand, we cannot hold items. It's all first-come first-served.

Private party transfers are just $17. Seller and buyer both must be present for the transfer.

NOTE: Online firearm transfers are $17. We will still have the lowest transfer price of any storefront FFL. Class 3 transfers are $70. Be sure to read policies on transfers on our "policies" page.

The photos below are NOT current.

The pics below are just to show many of the cool items we have stocked in the past.

New Location!!!

Hwy 460 East in New London

20436 Lynchburg Hwy, Suite D

In the strip mall beside the Turkey Ft Rd carwash.

Please note:

If you send a transfer, it will be ready for pickup the day AFTER it arrives.

We do not accept ONLINE transfers from private individuals.

We will process private party sales with seller present for the transfer.

Sometimes things are just too cool to describe: Barrett 50BMG

We've built our business by offering fair prices and excellent customer service. We are a Class 3 dealer so we offer firearms, silencers, short barrel rifles, and we can even accommodate your full-auto needs. If we don't have what you need we are glad to special-order items for you at a great savings versus other shops. Read the comments on Facebook and ask your friends, there is a reason so many people are choosing us as their "go-to dealer."

Payment: We accept all credit cards. We also offer a cash discount on firearms and silencers.

There is usually only 1 person at the shop counter. That makes it very difficult to answer the phone whenever customers are in the store. If we don't answer we're not ignoring you, but rather we are tied up with another customer. Leave a voicemail and we will call you back as soon as possible. For a quicker reply send a text message to the cell phone listed below or email us. We can reply to text messages and emails while working with other customers...

Monday Closed

Tuesday 10 - 6

Wednesday 10 - 6

Thursday 10 - 6

Friday 10 - 6

Saturday 9 - 2

Sunday Closed

Feel free to contact us at 434-616-2234 (call) or 434-841-3636 (text).

Photos from the old location in Evington are below...

20436 Lynchburg Hwy, Suite D

Lynchburg, Va 24502

434-616-2234 landline

434-841-3636 text