This weekend we have lots of Sig P365 in stock.  We also have Glock 43X, Glock 48, KelTec PMR30, and a FDE AR15 below $550...  Tiny has put a bunch of Glock 19 Gen5 on sale for lower than most places sell the Gen4 model !  Stop by the shop and see Tiny's new friend too. 

Look what Tiny found...

You never know what you'll see when you come to visit Tiny.  Check out the picture below, yes it's a Barrett!  

These won't last long.  The last time we got in the US Flag models, they sold the first day they were on the shelf.  The Tiffany Blue one is hard to find too.  Stop in and check them out while they're still here...

We got new graphics for the storefront today!!!  Creative Edge Design did the work.  They came up with the design and installed it today.  Come check us out!

Yesterday Glock announced the new Glock 45, 9mm similar to the Glock 19X.  We will have 4 of them at the end of the week!

Sometimes things are just too cool to describe:  Barrett 50BMG

We're starting to get close to long gun season.  Hunting season is just around the corner and you know you want a nice, fresh rifle to get sighted in and take into the woods.  Swing by the shop and we'll special order anything you need at a great price.  Want to be sure you can get a 2nd shot if you miss the first one, then let's talk about silencers...

Tiny also dug up a Glock 34 Gen5 MOS and put it on sale as soon as it came in!

Desert tan Kel Tec KSG and a bullpup design 12 mag-fed gauge semi-auto

Can you spot the .410 AR15?

Not 1, not 2, but 3 Ruger PC9 carbines, they take-down & use Glock mags!!!

6/6/18:  Look what came in today, 4 cases of it...

6/6/18:  Do you have the mid-week blahs?  Well, come out to the shop and find lots of reasons to perk right up:  Ruger Precision 22, Glock 19X, Ruger EC9S, AR15's below $500, lots of Glocks, a Judge Magnum, maybe even some Sig P365 high capacity mags...

So you can't find a Sig P365 anywhere?  You should have been here to see these before they all sold out...


We've built our business by offering fair prices and excellent customer service.  We are a Class 3 dealer so we offer firearms, silencers, short barrel rifles, and we can even accommodate your full-auto needs.  If we don't have what you need we are glad to special-order items for you at a great savings versus other shops.  Read the comments on Facebook and ask your friends, there is a reason so many people are choosing us as their "go-to dealer."

Payment:  We accept all credit cards.  We also offer a cash discount on firearms and silencers.

There is usually only 1 person at the shop counter.  That makes it very difficult to answer the phone whenever customers are in the store.  If we don't answer we're not ignoring you, but rather we are tied up with another customer.  Leave a voicemail and we will call you back as soon as possible.  For a quicker reply send a text message to the cell phone listed below or email us.  We can reply to text messages and emails while working with other customers...

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**  We can sometimes do appointments if your work schedule or other issue causes you to need to come at a time we are listed as closed.

Feel free to contact us at 434-616-2234 or 434-841-3636.

Photos from the old location in Evington are below...


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